A good example on our pricing VS others:

"Would you buy a cheap ice cream and get your stomach upset for a $4 or would you get a PREMIUM ice cream that will satisfy you for a longtime and will not risk your health for $10?" - This is the comparison we're making when you're buying our product VS buying others.

First of all, I would like to welcome you for visiting my market. As I post this announcement, I know that you might get shocked on the prices of the chairs that we sell here compared to others. The simple answer is: We provide undetected and private chairs. Yes, meaning to say, Our prices are not competitive as to the others. Our chairs are truly safe and cannot be compared to what you see and search through google. All the developers and products here have custom bypass. Bypasses are the ones that gets detected when a game gets updated. Good news is, Our bypass our made from scratch. From top to bottom, Our excellent coders made the bypass unique and spend their time and investment on knowledge in order to make it truly UNDETECTED.

We prioritize the safety of our users here. The only time that you will get banned from using ANY of our chairs are via reports, or if the game updated and you injected it without our knowledge. We will not be responsible if a customer/user is not aware of that. We always put an announcement if the chair is being updated/risky to use.

Again, We do not have competition or we do not bargain on the prices that we have here. A good knowledge to compare our products to the others providers.