Is this a scam?

No. We have sold hundreds of working private cheats to several customers. We provide the best of the best. To know more about us, click on the link below.

About Us

Will I receive the cheat instantly after purchase?

In most cases, yes. But for some, it will take 24-48 hours to receive the cheat because we have to double check and make sure it's 100% safe for the customers before giving it to them.

How do I know if the cheat is working?

We have a status page that shows which game cheat is working and which is currently being updated. To check the status page, click on the link below.

Cheat Status

Why are the prices expensive?

We provide a legit & private cheat that is daily checked by our developers. Our cheats are the best and 100% working and safe, that is why our prices are high. "What you pay is what you get". Clink on the link below for more details.

About Our Prices

Does your cheat contain any kind of virus?

Our cheats are 100% virus/spyware free. We provide what our customer wants and we never intend to harm their computers. Our developers spent thousands of hours making sure that we don't deliver any kind of virus.

I can't run the cheat, what to do?

We have a troubleshooting page in which there are guides on how to fix several problems. We assure you that we sell working cheats and that those problems are on your end, but we are here to help. Check our troubleshooting page for more info, join our discord or create a ticket for further assistance.


Do you provide a 1-day free trial?

As for now, no. Most of the cheat providers that give out a 1-day free trial are giving a cheap hack that will get you banned. Our developers are currently working on a safe and premium 1-day free trial cheat that will be released soon.

What are your payment options?

For now, we only accept BTC and Paypal payments.

How do I pay?

Join our Discord to make a direct transaction with the owner. We will soon release a through the website transaction.